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The workshop format is presented as an intensive short course in a style of intentional  (open and honest) communication rooted in compassion. Participants will learn to incorporate and apply the workshop principles in practical ways that will improve every form of communication and enhance all relationships. *

*All services are tailored to meet your organization's specific needs with respect to time, cost, format and learning level.

 We offer 1-3 day retreats that can be tailored to fit groups of various sizes and customized to address the particular needs of the organization. Retreat content will teach improved interpersonal and organizational communication as well as provide new paths for growth. Participants will come away with a deeper understanding that how we talk to each other, as well as how we talk to ourselves, deeply influences our own spiritual formation and our impact in the world.  * 

Trainings in the art of communication as well as restorative circles are especially helpful in the area of professional development. The restorative circles training will introduce a sustainable internal system designed to change the way your group or organization approaches conflict. In particular, it will equip leaders to facilitate circles that provide opportunity for restoration of relationships rather than escalation of conflict and the division that often ensues. The purpose of this is to build a system that continues far beyond the training and fundamentally changes the way your organization approaches difficult conversations and conflict. *

At VisioPeace, we are passionate about teaching effective communication and healthy approaches to conflict, that result in peace, unity, and transformed group dynamics. We work with faith communities, schools, businesses, and other organizations providing various levels of training in the art of communication and restorative practices.

Our Vision

Our vision: That all people experience unity and peace through compassionate connection.

Our Mission

Our mission: To foster healthy connections through training in the art of communication and restorative circles that cultivate individual and organizational transformation.


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