Amy conducted an all-day training at our annual attorney retreat for purposes of professional and personal development. As attorneys dealing with high conflict on a daily basis, everyone was prepared to develop a new skill that they could apply professionally. However, as the day progressed, it became obvious this training was valuable and relevant to our intraoffice relationships as well. While some started out apprehensive about full participation, by the end of the day, we found ourselves wishing it would not end. If you are looking for something to create a more cohesive and collaborative professional environment and tools for navigating relationships, both personal and professional , I would highly recommend working with VisioPeace.

Janet Davis Hocker, Attorney at Law, Hocker & Associates LLC

"Compassionate communication has had an important positive impact on my life, both personally and professionally in my work with mediation clients. Although I have had substantial training in conflict resolution, Ms. McCabe's Compassionate Communication Workshop added depth to my understanding of conflict and of conflict resolution. Compassionate communication emphasizes the necessity of identifying and dealing with underlying causes of conflict in a way that I had not previously learned, and it offers specific tools that enable effective communication to occur even during the midst of a conflict. From use in my own life, and from the impact it has had on my clients, I've found that compassionate communication provides a roadmap to a peaceful path forward for parties in conflict. I would very highly recommend  a VisioPeace training or workshop for any staff, group, or team."

Deetta Steinmetz, Staff Attorney; Registered Family Law Mediator; Director, Family & Child Resolution Center Indianapolis Legal Aid Society, Inc.

"Communicating with others is as breath is to my own life. Through Amy’s leadership and guidance, compassionate communication was taught in a practical and realistic manner. The take-away was valuable, especially for someone who used to have the motto, “Avoid conflict at all cost!” Realizing that conflict avoidance no longer serves me, using communication skills to express my needs and indeed make requests has helped with my interpersonal relationships. Along with compassionate communication, I have also attended a retreat led by Amy. What a time of refreshment to “hit the pause button” and focus my intention of living an authentic life. The retreat was time well spent and each session was well thought out providing a space for reflecting and gaining new insights."

"Our whole office staff experienced training in compassionate communication and micro circles. Since that time, the overall atmosphere in our office has drastically improved. In particular, the staff is more considerate and thoughtful of one another which leads to higher productivity. We intend to have Amy back to conduct follow-up training so that we continue to grow as a staff and better serve our patients."

LaDonna P., Orthodontic Office Manager

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