Compassionate Commuication

The Ripple Effect

Compassionate Communication has a ripple effect because its impact starts small and moves out from the center (whether that center is one individual or an entire office staff) and expands outward in a way that is immeasurable.  Every time we share this material we become aware of an inner shift and an outward expansion that happens in the lives of individuals and groups. Even if an individual comes somewhat reluctantly to a workshop, we are always amazed at the way folks tend to open up as they engage the material. Here is a short list of some of the ways participants have found our trainings beneficial. They have reported:

  • Finding ways to communicate and stay connected, even when there is disagreement

  • Growing in a sense of community within their group

  • Developing a better understanding of self and others

  • Less problems with anger and even having their anger transformed

  • Developing effective management communication

  • Recognizing and transforming unhealthy communication styles

  • Changing the way they express gratitude

  • Listening better and general improvement in ability to be present to others

  • Growing in self awareness--recognizing one's feelings and needs

  • Learning how to get out of the practice of judging and criticizing others

  • Improvement in parenting style and better communication with children

Compassionate Communication stems from the work of clinical psychologist, Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D., who developed Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Our trainings and workshops in Compassionate Communication are based on our training, understanding, and adaptation of NVC as well as other communication training and experience.

For more information about Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. or NVC, please check out


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