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Conflict is a completely normal part of relationships. We have all experienced some form of conflict in our families, places of employment, and even in our faith communities. But when it arises, we rarely know how to address it in a way that makes space for heathier relationships to emerge. If you would like to address a current conflict or learn how to better handle future conflicts, we would like to introduce you to restorative circles through our trainings and retreats.


Our communication trainings and retreats cultivate unity and peace (both within the individual and in relation to others), as well as compassion for self and others. Participants in our trainings and retreats routinely report a sense of shared humanity, increased sense of interior peace and hope for the future. More than that, when a workplace staff attends together, it can result in higher productivity due to a more peaceful and collaborative work atmosphere.


Since 2014, we have had the privilege to teach and train: leadership teams, small business owners, pastors, doctors, church councils, groups of underprivileged parents in the Indianapolis area, entrepreneurs, as well as lawyers and mediators. The content has also been approved and offered as continuing legal and mediation education training. 

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